Thursday, December 11, 2008

Struggling homeowners

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Moe Navidi
Real Estate Consultant
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Dear Homeowner:

Dramatically change your finances for the better starting tomorrow!

If you are struggling to make your mortgage payment…if you are behind on your property tax…if you have depleted valuable resources to stay afloat…if you have increased your credit card debt and all of this has created a downward spiral in your lifestyle, you know you are headed for trouble. We can help you!

We will not waste your time or give you false hope.

If we cannot save your house, we may be able to modify your loan.

We have no confidence in the government bailout because it fails to address the issue of property values. If you are one of the few who qualify (you need to be three months behind on your mortgage payment), you may get a lower payment now, but you will pay it all back later with interest.

We can help you get out of your loan with a short sale.
We can show you how to do the minimum damage to your credit report.
We can show you how to execute an intelligent exit strategy.
We can show you how to prepare for life after a short sale.
We can negotiate a new lease for you when it’s time to move.
We keep the bank off your back. We do all the work.
We will show you how you can buy a new house in only two years with a government-insured FHA loan at a fixed interest rate. One loan – not two!

During this mortgage crisis, our unique strategy has helped hundreds of homeowners get out from under a tremendous burden and get on with their life. The best way to begin is briefly explain your situation in an e-mail. Please e-mail me at (

I can Provide you a list of homeowners we are currently helping with a short sale. We are successful 90% of the time and there is no out-of-pocket cost to you.

If you know you are headed for trouble, act now while you have options. Get out from under the pressure, start accumulating cash and begin planning your future. The sooner you act, the better off you will be!